A REAL Review of Kindle Money Mastery (a.k.a. K Money Mastery)


This is a review of Kindle Money Mastery. Just to be clear, I already bought this a year ago. So I have a pretty unique perspective, compared to yours right now, because I can tell you what results I’ve gotten since I bought it. I will tell you about that part later in this review. Lets explore KMM and what it does.

The M.I.Q. Statement

I’ll Make it Quick; Kindle Money Mastery teaches you how to create Kindle eBooks, promote them, sell them, and get rich. It entails a whole lot more, but now you have a frame of reference to use when discerning the information in this review.

There are a million other “make money with Kindle eBooks” products on the web.

To make money with Kindle eBooks, which is essentially starting your own Kindle publishing business, you must use one of the following four success formulas:

  • Amazing Content + No Promotion = Some Kindle Money
  • Decent Content + Some Promotion = Some More Kindle Money
  • Worthless Content + Massive Promotion = Some Kindle Money
  • Amazing Content + Amazing Promotion = A Lot of Kindle Money

That’s it! There is no other way to succeed with Kindle publishing. There are countless ways to fail at it, but we’re not interested in that right now. What does this tell you? The game itself is pretty simple, but the real money is in a specific approach that has been proven to work. It has to be good enough for you to be able to apply your own unique spin, and make money. In my opinion, Pylarino’s Kindle Money Mastery accomplishes this. He is good at keeping you engaged in the videos.

Who created Kindle Money Mastery?

kmmbanner250The guy’s name is Stefan Pylarinos. He is a silly-looking, bald-on-purpose web marketer & SEO consultant. He closely resembles other marketing gurus online like Eben Pagan, Pat Flynn, Frank Kern, etc. He is all about the “all I wanna do in life is help you” cow-dung. HOWEVER, you don’t have to marry him to learn how to make money from him. He is smart, not a criminal, and has been around a long time (which is a good sign). He knows his feces, that is for sure.

What You Get

The Kindle Money Mastery program consists of the following:

  • 26 lengthy videos that cover the core of the course, and are broken down into individual lessons.
  • 26 nice-size PDF review booklets which cover and reinforce the most important concepts in the corresponding videos.
  • A bunch of bonuses to help you limit spending time with the clerical stuff, and maximizing the amount of time you spend making money.
  • Access to his member website.

Topics Covered in the Course

Without giving away the content of the whole program, here is a list of the most potent topics covered in the lesson plans, exercises, and videos:

  • Non-Fiction Books vs. Fiction Books
  • What Sells Books On Kindle
  • You Do NOT Need To Be A Writer
  • How You Make Money With Kindle
  • Amazon Bestseller Rank
  • Reviews
  • Making Money From The Back-End
  • Criteria For Successful Niches
  • The Niche Test
  • Brainstorming Potential Niches
  • How to Discover The Best Keywords
  • Analyze Niche Ideas And Competition
  • Criteria For A Best Selling Title
  • Outsourcing
  • The Format For All My Books
  • Using Pen Names
  • Target Your Book To Customers
  • Amazon Verified Reviews
  • 4 Strategies For Getting Amazon Reviews
  • Promoting Your Book
  • Create A Book Series
  • Cross-Promoting Your Books
  • Making Money From The Back-End
  • How To Stop Negative Reviews From Hurting Your Book
  • How To Scale Up Your Kindle Business
  • Long-Term Book Promotion Strategies

Outsourcing Content (Quick Tip)

When hiring writers to outsource your content, give them a training guide/video which teaches them EXACTLY what you want. You can write a short guide with Word, or make a short YouTube video (which I recommend). Regardless of what type of media you use, be sure to make it as short and direct as possible, and make it MANDATORY for all writers to view the training before being hired for a project. If a freelancer refuses to watch a 20-minute video, then you don’t want to hire them anyway, so it helps to weed out the unreliable. This will help you standardize your content.

My Experience

When I first purchased Kindle Money Mastery, I didn’t know a lot about the Kindle publishing system as a business. About 3 years before I purchased KMM, I had created a couple of $0.99 ebooks, and neither had sold more than a few copies at that point.

One of those ebooks was a simple funny trivia-style ebook that my girlfriend wrote called The Who Am I? Game. She wrote it in HTML, and it had roughly 30 questions with 5 possible answers for each question. All of the answers were written with humor/sarcasm, but were real Q&A’s. Since I already had the content created and in the marketplace when I bought KMM, I just applied the marketing ideas of the course. To this day, I have sold more than 1,000 copies of that ebook.

Wanna know the amazing thing about that book? It is horrendous! I marketed it so much, using KMM tactics, that it garnered a ton of sales and reviews. Each review was more terrible than the last. It is hilarious reading the reviews on the Amazon page if you have some time to kill.

The take-away from my experience is that even with a horrible ebook, and zero marketing skills, I was able to make a nice chunk of coin with it using techniques that work from KMM. It is for that reason that I wrote this review. What better way to be sure that a product works than using it yourself?