About & Disclaimer

My name is JA Junior. I am a writer, designer, IT nut, and SEO enthusiast. My personal pages are here if you are interested. Here is the deal with my reviews. I like to express my opinions on things. I’ve been that way my whole life. I’ve been contracted to help write reviews for clients in the past, and I enjoyed doing so.

I only review products I have personally used.


When I write a review of something, I may make an affiliate commission on some of them, and I may not. How do you know if you can trust me? You don’t. Why would you trust me? I am just some guy on the Internet. I trust very few people on this planet, and I have personally met every one of them in the flesh. You should do the same.

BUT, you don’t have to be ready to mail your baby to me for the weekend in order to consume and comprehend the information I provide to you in my reviews. If you find something in ANY of my reviews that you consider bullshit, call me on it. Do it in the comment section if you want, or email, or Twitter, or whatever you want. I will respond and adjust if need be.

However, it will never be because I lied and got caught; NEVER. I hate scammers, and have been scammed before by some real scumbags. That is one team I don’t sub for.

Also, I don’t review products I don’t like, period. Why? Simply because I don’t feel like dealing with the pissing and whining of the owners/creators/employees who are behind the products. I’m not Jesus. I didn’t come to save the world and warn every man and woman of every possible pitfall in life. I am writing reviews of stuff I happened to like, period. If it is shit, you won’t be seeing it on here.

Okay? I hope that answers some questions for you. Feel free to ask me anything.